Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sprints and Pull-ups

Skill Work
trainer's choice

10 Rounds

100 m sprint

rest at least 90 seconds in between rounds

This week and last week we did Barbell Rows.  I did call them Bent Over Rows.  However, for a barbell row sometimes people do the Yates row which starts in the hang position with the torso at about a 45 degree angle.  I meant the Pendlay Barbell Row.  This exercise is done with the barbell starting on the ground for every rep with the back parallel to the floor.  Here is a good example from Catalyst Athletics.  Here is another longer one from Pendlay himself

Don't do the Pendlay Row if your back is already very sore.  It is designed to really work the lower back.

Fight Gone Bad is this weekend.  Register right away! I am going to close registration Friday night.

Kellie and Drew doing some nice pull-ups

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Simi said...

NICE pull ups guys! Kellie -- No band - that is Awesome!