Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A nice beach sounds good right now, eh?  Sparkling blue waters, warm sun, your best body ever...  Send me your vacation photos and I will post them up!  I'd love photos of you doing something athletic like a handstand, pistol, or rock climbing, or of you in your TwinFreaks shirt.


Amrap 30
400 meter run
10 L-Pull-Ups
15 Back extensions 25 pounds
20 Sit-Ups 25 pounds

This Saturday we will do some prep for next Saturday's Fight Gone Bad.  This CrossFit workout is one of the best diagnostic tools for your fitness.  It will expose chinks in your conditioning or reveal an awesome work capacity.  Thus, it is a great time to bring your friends if they really want a tough workout.  We are going to do it competition-style, with a partner counting every rep and encouraging you every step of the way.  Your partner will be instructed to count only GOOD reps!

Please reserve class at least 24 hours ahead of time so that I can assign heats to speed set-up.
I have changed the registration from a class to an event to keep you from running into your class limits.  You must now click on "Event" instead of "Classes" to register.  (I already switched those who signed up already.)  You can go here to the bottom of the page to register.
Thank you for cooperating with the reserved class set-up!  Remember to sign up for those classes!

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