Monday, January 23, 2012

Top ten reasons NOT to do CrossFit.  From Defy CrossFit in Broomfield, just as applicable to TwinFreaks.  My favorite: "They don't praise you when you look like a monkey having a seizure. You need someplace where your self-esteem can be put ahead of any objective standards."

Defy is having a friendly powerlifting meet at their CrossFit gym on February 11th.  No singlets required, thank goodness, just pure heavy lifting.  I hope all of you can go - you will be surrounded by CrossFitters encouraging you to do your best whatever that is.  (OK, really, a typical powerlifting meet is actually full of friendly and encouraging powerlifters, but yes, they are huge and yes, they will be stuffed into a singlet and maybe even a bench shirt or something.)  This event is only $35!

Check out the Mobility WOD from Kelly Starett - looks like it will be coming to an end soon.  Confused?  Start at the beginning with episode #1, he builds on these basics all throughout the year. 


We will also do some skill work with the rowers and hit some good shoulder and hip mobility work.

Nice plank for your push-up.  We also have an obstacle course as part of your WOD!

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