Saturday, January 7, 2012


Have a great weekend everybody!

Saturday's class is over by the time I write this, but it was a fabulously exciting class with 19 people and a long AMRAP.  Next week we will be doing some version of Fight Gone Bad.   Saturday at 9:30 is a good time to bring your friends, this next week will be especially good for your fit friends to see how they stack up.

No class on Sunday for a while, take a rest day.  This class is not well attended, but we might be willing to restart it in a different format or time slot.  Talk to us about what you need.

It was Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Colorado Open will be coming up soon at FRCF.
They always do a great job.


Eric Walden said...

Sunday Suicide Squad Fail! It's not well attended because WALDENS aren't there!

A sad day. I'm trying to get one going out here!

JamesD said...

I think it will rise again. It probably just needs a time that makes more sense.