Saturday, February 11, 2012


Jennifer did great.  She made all three attempts at every lift, squatting 180 pounds and deadlifting 235.  More videos are up on our page. 

The CrossFit Open is open for registration now!  Sign up soon!  We will be doing the WODs at the gym during Saturday's 9 am class, and once during the week. The first workout will be released on the 22nd.  This is only $10 and will allow you to track your progress compared to all the CrossFitters all over the world who are participating.  Competing in CrossFit can be a powerful training incentive - you may find motivation to get that double under or to avoid sugar that you never had before.

The Fight for Air Climb is still open for registration.

Weighted Dips

Seven rounds of:
 35 Double-unders
 1 Snatch
HQ 111103
Make one snatch attempt per round.
WOD demo

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