Thursday, February 9, 2012

Friday 2/10 Deadlifts

Ana and Pedro

5 Handstand Push-ups
5 Strict pull-ups

You all are getting so strong!  So good at pull-ups.

more videos on the deadlift than you can shake a stick at
Pay careful attention to the set-up.  It could make a twenty pound difference.

You are invited to the Valentine's Day Challenge at TwinFreaks, 6:30 am.  There is room for three more.  Get some extra time in before and after every WOD. Talk to James for more info.


Darla said...

I love how when people stand in front of the TF logo just right, it looks like they have wings!

Angie said...

That's so funny! I never noticed that. Now we just need a big halo.

Darla said...

I had a lot of fun setting up a 'Day of the Dead-lifing' picture op for halloween this year.

Vanessa took the photo for me!

Here's a link to it: