Thursday, February 2, 2012

In case of severe weather, look here for cancellations.  If there is a substantial dump of snow the 5:30 am class will be cancelled.

On-Ramp starting Monday - tell your friends

This month-long, 12-session program introduces new athletes to CrossFit. We will cover the 9 essential movements basic to CrossFit and their competent execution.  You will drill the basics, and get consistent in your training.  You will work on mobility, agility, strength, endurance, etc!

We actually will have a morning and and evening class going at the same time.  Students may make-up a class in the opposite time slot if needed.

Thank you for putting up with this announcement.  Now, back to your regular program!

This is what a 1/4 beef looks like.
We are about to get another quarter beef, this time from Natural Homestead Meats.  Their pork was excellent.  This is the most cost-effective way to get grass-fed beef.   If you have a good source of grass-fed beef, please put up the contact details on our little cork board so we can share.

Grass-fed beef is a prime source of Omega 3 fatty acids, good saturated fat (also lower in the bad saturated fat), and has a lot more vitamin A and D.  The animals spend their time doing natural cow things, like walking around eating grass, instead of standing around in manure all day eating antibiotics and an unnatural diet of subsidized grain.   This is important to me in an ethical sense, but also it seems logical that happy cows are less stressed and sick and thus healthier for me to eat.   The organic standard is distressingly weak - organically certified cows may be kept in crowded, inhumane conditions, and fed organically certified corn.  The only way to be really sure what kind of conditions your food animals are kept in is to visit the farm.  Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

Eat Wild - all about pastured and local food and how to find it.

10 RFT
6 DL
12 Pull-ups
24 DU

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