Thursday, March 22, 2012


Floor Press

Forget the music, we're doing a percussion session.
"Death by Ball Slam"
1 ball slam the first minute, two ball slams the second minute, three ball slams the third minute and so on...
*Use a 50 lbs ball slam, or as heavy as you have.
** With a signed waiver, you may try the plate slam which the CFFB forums claim works.  I haven't tried that myself, but what the hell?  There is by necessity a lot of forgetting and forgiving with the 05:30 group.

This is from my personal archive of photos I took of equipment at the Rocky Mountain Lifting Club.  I assure  you this thing is awesome, and it provides a work out that can't otherwise be duplicated.  This thing is so awesome that eventually I will get one.  Here is today's incredible deal: if anyone can post to comments what this is and what it's used for, I'll order one this week and let the whole gym use it.

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