Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monday - So many phone calls!

Darla at a previous NASA meet
We have had a great response on our Living Social Deal!  More than fifty people committed to train the CrossFit way for a month.  Welcome to CrossFit, newbies!

We are going to open up the On-Ramp registration - there is still room for a few more students in the March classes.  We have a new noon On-Ramp on Tues and Thursday starting on this Thursday the eighth, also we will start a new evening On-Ramp next Monday.

If you have trouble with the website or getting us on the phone (we are not set up for this volume of calls) please email us with your Living Social coupon number and which class you would like to register for.  Please include a backup class in case your first choice if full.  We answer emails in between classes and get you all set up.

For our current members, this means new energy is building at the gym.  We will open up some new classes to make room for these new people.  Starting right now, we will add some UCanRow-style rowing classes.  They will be at 6:30 am Tuesday and Thursday, 9 am Monday and Friday, and 5:00 pm Monday.  These classes will be shorter than a normal class and less intense.  Therefore it will be possible to take both a row class and a WOD class in the same day.

Darla and Jennifer did great at the NASA meet.  Both set PR's!  Jennifer squatted an amazing 198 pounds, and it was smooth and pretty, too.  Darla  pulled an incredible 275 pounds!

If you are just a month or two out of On-Ramp, do 5-5-5-3-3-3

Total Calories Rowed on a C2 Rower during each work interval
 3:00 Work (Calorie Total)
1:30 R.I.
 2:00 Work (Calorie Total)
1:30 R.I.
 1:30 Work (Calorie Total)

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Chelsea said...

Awesome Jennifer and Darla! You ladies rock :)