Friday, March 2, 2012



All the coaches have been/will be in training at the erging cert all weekend.  I'm sorry we are all busy and can't answer the phone, but we will get back to you quickly after class and during breaks.  Email may be a better way to reach us with a quick question.

Clayton is moving to Texas. We'll miss you!

We have an awesome deal featured right now for the On-Ramp at Living Social, Boulder Country.  You must enter your email address to see it.  If your friend and co-workers have been waiting for a sign that they should start CrossFit, this is it!  This deal will only be up until they are all sold, or until the weekend is over.

We also have a nice referral incentive - if your friend signs up after On-Ramp, you get a 50% credit in your next month of membership.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Clayton,

Gonna miss you at the gym.
Good luck with your move.