Monday, April 23, 2012

Tuesday - Crushing Helen

Met-con day

We have been experimenting with a new method of programming our training days. We are training the heavy lifts with a short WOD every other day, and then doing longer metabolic conditioning the next day. This allows us to focus hard on the lifts on lifting days and then have some time to work on our skills and mobility on the met-con days. For instance, we are going to run some rowing drills soon. A good way to get better at rowing is to do it carefully with attention to details, to break down the technique and then build it up again from the pieces. We then take some time to practice it in a low pressure situation. Other days we have been working the kettlebell snatch, taking the time to work on the high pull and playing with different weights. It is important that we take to time to drill good technique, otherwise when it comes time to perform during an intense WOD session you may fall apart. This way you get every watt out that you put into the rower and you can use a heavy kettlebell without breaking your arm.

rowing or sprinting

Crushing Helen
8 rounds
100 yard sprint
8 kettlebell swing 2 pood
5 plyo push-up

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