Thursday, May 31, 2012


Every Minute on the Minute Perform until Failure
6 True Push Ups
5 Mountain Climbers(each leg)
4 Burpees

Painted nails, chalked fingers.  Functional is the new tantalizingly sublimated sensuous.

Sublimate this.

We have a very good relationship with Jonathan at CrossFit Defy! in Broomfield, and that's because he's a top-notch trainer running a quality affiliate.  He has offered all Freaks a discount on entry to the NAS sanctioned strongman [person] event, Lift the Rockies.  He has further offered to let Freaks try out the various implements at Defy! beforehand.  Let Vanessa or I know if you're interested, and we can arrange a carpool to Broomfield to have some practice.

Just because I shouldn't be doing a 500 pound yoke walk is no reason for me not to do a 500 pound yoke walk.


Simi said...

Great pic! That must be Audrey. Oh, to be young again... ;)

JamesD said...

mmmmm, but whose hands are THOSE??

Simi said...

My guess is that they are also hers. :)

JamesD said...

Nope (: