Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wednesday - Gym moving soon!

The new gym location is behind SugarBeets, 101 Pratt Street, just up and around from our current location. You can see the overpass in the middle photo.  We are excited to have a space in this beautiful building and we think you will like it too. It's about the same size as our current space.  However with multiple doors for cross-ventilation, insulation, and a working heater, it should more comfortable! We will have a gym-moving party in a few weeks, stay tuned.

Zercher squat

Practice this new exercise (demo here) and get comfortable with it; next week we will do it for singles.  We like this squat because it allows a more upright posture and thus puts less pressure on the back.  The arm position is unusual and may lead to some bruising, but you will quickly get used to it the same way you got used to the kettlebell clean and jerk.

Louie Simmons says:
Are there other forms of squatting done at Westside? Yes. The Zercher squat. Ed Zercher invented this exercise years ago. I was first intrigued after reading about Robert Barnett doing the Zercher lift, where one squatted down and hooked the elbows under the bar and stood up. Mr. Barnett was capable of doing 5 reps off the floor with 395. His body weight was 165 and he could deadlift 675. He did this around 1966. After getting out of the army in 1969, I started doing Zercher squats off the floor. My best was 320, and I made a 670 deadlift in 1973 at 181. When I moved up to 198, I couldn’t lift the bar off the floor because I had become too thick around the waist. I started doing a Zercher squat. I would lift the bar, which was on a low rack pin, in my elbows and go as low as possible. I used two versions: One was to lower the bar until it sat on my knees. The second was to lower the bar out over my knees as low as possible, then drop my hips as low as I could to stretch the lower back and then stand up. With this method, I made 500 at an all-star wrestling convention. At the time I made an official 710 deadlift at 198.  Read more here.

Five rounds
20 Burpees
250 meter row


Scott said...

A gym moving party, eh? :-).
Not fooling me. I bet more people show if you give it a hero WOD name.

Scott said...

Hero WOD VanMarJam

Pick up all plates and put in truck
Run up the road .9 miles while coach drives truck shouting to run faster
Unload truck
Run back .9 miles
Load all kettlebells into truck
Run .9 miles
Unload truck
Run back .9 miles
Repeat for dumbbells, wall balls, barbells, whiteboards, rubber mats, squat racks, etc.

Anonymous said...

Shoot, Scott, lets be smart about this. I bet if we made "put weight in truck" the scaling and then made the RX'd a ".9 mile run w/overhead carry" then it might be hardcore enough to lure the Waldens back into town for a crack at that WOD!


Eric Walden said...

Indeed it might! We'll be in town the week of June 11!