Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Drop-in Saturday!  It's often a big class and we have fun!

We have multiple coaches and we are ready for a big group.

Pistols and strict pull-ups
Handstand positioning

Deadlift 225/185
Handstand Push-Up

This is the actual benchmark work out we've been targeting with the recent deadlift and HSPU work, so load up and PR!  This WOD should take less than ten minutes!

Barney Herzog has been powerlifting since the 70's, and he's been an honorary Freak since I met him at my first meet.  Here he's warming up to move big weight at USAPL Masters Nationals in the 65-70 age group.  Go hard, but never forget longevity rules.


Angie Sebok said...

Don't you love seeing people in the 65+ age group who are anything but frail and out of shape? I find that really motivating.

Coach Vanessa said...

This meet was full of awesome older guys! I'll put some videos up on our YouTube channel so you can see for yourself.