Tuesday, May 15, 2012


More cool socks

Nice deadlift for an old guy
Work on your pistols!

10 ->1
Box Jump 24/20
SDHP 115/75
Wall Ball Shots 20/14

Here's a great video on persistence.  Thanks to Dave Kirschen at EliteFTS for turning me on to this.

News from the Colorado CrossFit Open:

"The 2012 Colorado Open
The Colorado Open has filled up completely, both the Open and Pro Divisions.  The men were at capacity by 9:10.  The women were full at 9:57.  There is a waiting list of over 40 athletes of each gender.
At this point the wait list is completely full.  If you have not already signed up, or emailed me to get on the waiting list, it is too late to get on the wait list. "
Bummer - maybe next year!  This competition is quite fun and, as you can see, very popular.  Watching this is a great time - how about we all go out to Denver together and check it out.  August 25-26th, 2012  For more info.


Angie Sebok said...

The Colorado Open...is that what you were telling me about, James? Am I on the list? (guessing not, but figured I'd check)

JamesD said...

I was telling you about the NASA powerlifting meet in Auhust. You would tear it up.