Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Ask the trainer:  Can I tone my arms in 30 days?  Silly but popular question, sensible answer.

How to tear your rotator cuff.

This is why I insist you get five good strict ring pull-ups and five strict ring dips before you start training the strict muscle-ups.  Sure, if you flail like an electrocuted monkey, you might be able to get over the rings with a kipping MU, but at what cost?  (Maybe this is why MY shoulder hurts...)  Your muscles need to get strong, but your tendons and ligaments need to get tough, too.  They take much longer to strengthen as well as taking MUCH longer to HEAL.  While you are working on some basic strength, work on the progressions for the muscle-up that train the fast turn-over.   Work on keeping those elbows in tight while you throw your head and chest through the plane of the rings.

Muscle-up Transition  Carl Paoli knows what he is talking about.

Make-up On-Ramp:  Thursday 6:30 am
                               (Friday at 6:30 am will be class #12 for the morning)
                               Friday 7:30 pm,
                               Saturday 11 am
                               Attend any class.  Please email us about your plans.

Alternating on the minute for 10 minutes
Perform max reps
*score is total KBS

Max Reps KBS (peform on odd minutes)

Max Rep Double Unders

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