Thursday, June 21, 2012


No schedule changes for now.  Mid-day class will still be at eleven, despite rumors.

Allison NYC part LiveJournal, part workout log video with heavy Oly work.

Do your weight lifting right or else!  You will get hurt and people will laugh at you! Nice essay and horrifying videos here

Watch more 20-rep back squats here.  Andrea Ager does it with 175 lbs.

Would you like to be a judge at the Defy! CrossFit meet?  Jonathan would love to have your help.  (Click the link to go to Defy!'s webpage.)

Power Clean

Snatch * **
Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Loading: 115 / 65 lbs
*catch in the hole **pull from the floor

1 comment:

JamesD said...

worst fucking hitching I've ever seen. Anyone who is really in the sport is going to have a metric ton more respect for some guy pulling 225 than those idiots.

At least Allison has ST going.