Thursday, July 26, 2012


A new On-Ramp is starting up on August 5 at 6:30 am!  Come and join our gym - learn to barbell clean and jerk, learn how to scale CrossFit WODs for a "just-right" dose of intensity, and let a coach give you feedback on your technique.

Trying to get a Press-to-Handstand?  Or a muscle-up?  Check out this Gymnastics website just for CrossFitters.

Our local Gymnastics place has an adult gymnastics class.  Best for former gymnasts as a place to practice old skills, but maybe you could learn something new.  My husband learned how to do a back tuck - fun!

My students got some good handstanding practice in today.  Carl Paoli has a video on how to do this skill. Watch in particular how his body maintains the "hollow body position" we have been practicing, sometimes just called "The Position".

  • Stand tall with your arms next to your ears
  • Take a big step into a big lunge and reach for the ground in front of you
  • Drive the back leg over your head as you gently press off the ground with your leading leg
  • Maintain hollow as you push away from the ground
  • Search for the sweet spot that will allow you to hold your handstand forever!

“SeeFit”- stations
1. Max rep pull ups (one attempt)
2. 2 minutes-max calorie row
3. 2 minute- max Thrusters (95,65)
4. 2 minutes- max double unders
5. 3 minutes AMRAP – T-2-B + Box Jumps (2+2,4+4,6+6…10+10)
6. 3 minutes ARMAP- 10 Snatch (75, 45) 10 Lateral burpees over bar
7. 2 minute cap- max distance broad jump
8. 5 minutes- Find a 1 rm Ground to Overhead

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