Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday and milk

 Sorry, here is part of Thursday's disappearing blog.  I suppose the finished and briefly appearing version was so awesome the Chinese thought they should take it down before London 2012 gets underway.

CrossFit Games re-cap

This is a nice blog from James about post-workout needs.

photos of Windsor Dairy from Persnickety Palate

Let's talk post-workout nutrition.  Old-time body builders used to swear by a big steak and potato meal, but most people now are turning to heavily advertised whey protein products.  Perhaps an expensive processed whey protein can be trumped by actual milk from a cow.  (If you don't get a runny nose or a bloated belly from it of course - big if.)  It would be interesting to see the dollar/calorie and dollar/protein gram comparison.  Whole milk has a nice balance of fat, protein, and carbs (almost Zone) and plenty of calories to build bigger muscles.  All three are needed for muscle repair and optimal hormone production.  In addition, too much pure lean protein (whey) may kill your appetite as you approach the physiological limit of protein absorption.  Milk also may be a growth stimulant - which could be good if you grow muscles, but not so good if you grow cancer and fat tissue.  Since milk is a liquid food it is easy to consume a lot of extra calories while still being able to eat your normal meals - 2800 extra calories if you are going to drink a gallon of milk a day (GOMAD) as part of your program!  Whole milk foods have also been shown to have some nice health benefits in comparison to skimmed milk foods - fertility, cancer, diabetes, etc.  Unfortunately, most commercially available milk products in the US are made from highly processed skimmed milk mixed with technically advanced flavor packages and lots of sugar.  Not so healthy.  That yogurt you have for breakfast - check the label!  In a perfect world we would only drink organic, grass-fed, raw, un-pasteurized, and un-homogenized whole milk and cheese so that we consume an unprocessed natural food.  So milk is not perfect or Paleo but it has everything needed to build a big, dumb animal.  That may be just what you want. VP

More details about raw milk from Chris Kresser.  A sober pro/con analysis of this emotional subject:  Healing super-food or hippie killer?

Health benefits of whole milk.  Snark warning.

Rabbit starvation.  Or why a prescription of a high-protein, low fat, low carb diet will kill your appetite.

3 Power Cleans 135/95
5 Push Press 135/95
7 Chin Ups

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