Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friday - Kettlebell fun day

 Russian swing.  Not what we are doing. 

Russian swing for reals.

Yo!  Steve Cotter teaches the kettlebell basics to Sean of Underground Wellness

rope climb
Wear appropriate clothing - long socks, pants.

back squat
2 on the minute for 10 minutes at 4-6 rm
First perform several warm-up sets of 5

7 rounds

7 handstand push-ups
7 kettlebell swings, Russian-style
7 Ninja roll-ups to jump  - how-to - this is like a rolling burpee
7 teapot AKA half windmill
7 sumo deadlift high-pull with KB

Don't be afraid of these movements.  They are a little unusual, but you are CrossFitters, you can do anything!

We might do these soon, too : inverted burpees.

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