Thursday, August 2, 2012


You could be working out here, too!  There will be a new On-Ramp class session starting next Monday at 6:30 am.  In September we will have an On-Ramp in the evening again - 7:30 pm.  This series of classes is designed to explore all the movements used in CrossFit and get you started on the road to perfecting them.  You will get some kick-ass workouts in as well, the CrossFit WorkOut of the Day or WOD, starting with easier workouts and progressing to more difficult workouts as we assess your capacity.  Once you graduate you will be able to go to any WOD class we offer.

As part of the On-Ramp series we offer a free goal-setting session.  For now we are also offering this to our current clients - for free!  It's a good way to evaluate your goals and get some strategies to meet them.  Also please notice in SocialWOD there is a place to record your goals.  You have some, don't you?

(There is a link to SocialWOD on the non-mobile version of our site, down on the right-hand side.)

 Beth, Alyx, Josh, and Maya

Ben went back to college - It was nice to have you here for the summer!

Ricardo and Mike from CrossFit Peachtree in Atlanta enjoy the new fan

5rm bench press
2x max db bench

100 pull ups (mod- jumping)
100 push ups
100 air squats
100 sit ups

Modify the number of reps so that this takes less than 15 minutes.

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