Sunday, August 12, 2012


Swings and Roll Outs
Don't ice that injury!

Lift: Squat
3 x 5

Why squat? Because a fire walk is the only reasonable substitute, and that would damage the stall mats.

6 Rounds
1 minute 15 KB Swings
1 minute Row for Distance

12 minutes total.

Shredded yams sauteed in coconut oil are the latest trend in contemporary Longmont cuisine.  All the cool kids are eating them.  Just ask me.

Apparently 4 (four) people are interested in rowing movie nights.  Post movie suggestions to comments.


Ang said...

Clue was recently released on Blu-Ray.

Just sayin'.

Ang said...

Oh wait, I think you said foreign only.

I'm sure I can find a copy in Lithuanian.

JamesD said...

That makes you 5 (five) Angie. It seems to be a female phenomenon. I'll have to squat more to feel like a man.