Sunday, August 19, 2012


Awesome animation set in a CrossFit gym.

How to feed egg yolks to a picky eater.

Meat-eating human ancestors thrived.

 Back Squat 4-6rm, 1xmax @90% (one set to failure of 90% of your 4-6 rep max)

4 rounds
 15 OHS (65/35)
 10 burpees
 5 chin ups (controlled negative)


Happy Birthday!

As far as I can remember, TwinFreaks was born in July of 2009.  We were adopted by members in August, so the following year when someone asked about our birthday, I decided it was August 20th.  I chose the 20th because it doubled as a friend's birthday so I could remember it.

The thing is, I never remember birthdays.  I remember growing up I was always embarrassed when a big deal was made out of my birthday.  I suppose I had to have been there, but even then I couldn't remember it.  I didn't see why people should light cakes on fire and give me stuff for something I attended passively and had no memory of.

Over the years that has caused me many problems because I strive for consistency, and I rarely remember anyone else's birthday either.  I saw on facebook that it's my friend's birthday and therefore ours.


I'd like to riff off of Pastor Scott, one of our 7:30 am guys, and compare the gym to a body.

You all, I'm sure, are the mitochondria, the powerhouses that dutifully and without complaint provide the boundless energy that keeps us going.  You labor ceaselessly and without calling attention to yourselves.

You're beautiful.

Probably on my good days I can be mistaken for the brain, and on my bad days the sphincter.  With swings like that, I'd assume I'm the heart.  I've certainly known exultation and despair.

I've improved my squat some since I started.

Much more important to me is the joy and - honestly - bewildered amazement when some of you have not only improved yourselves but improved me by becoming my friends.

Thank You.

And remember that three in gym years is 21 in people years.  Don't drink and WOD.


WOD's End - 07/09
Whoa, were we really so young I didn't have a mustache?


Charles said...

Congrats on three years!

Also, i wish i had read the admonition to not drink and wod before i drank all day saturday.

Squatapolooza wasnt fun today.

JamesD said...

You guys rocked the squats though!

Simi said...

Wow! That was beautiful! I feel privileged to be a part of this awesome place. Happy birthday Twin Freaks!!

JamesD said...

A Simi smile is worth like about another 100 pounds on the squat.

Eric Walden said...

So happy to have been there thorough almost all of those my friends!

We'll always carry some of the Freaks with us - and Finn I'm sure will never be the same for his experiences in there, whether he remembers them all or not!

See you all in the future!