Friday, August 3, 2012


New On-Ramp on Monday!  Sign up now.

If you are curious about CrossFit and think you might want to join us, come to a FREE CLASS on Saturday at 10:00 am designed for CrossFit beginners.  We can make the short WOD challenging for athletes and doable for couch potatoes - by tailoring the scaling for you.  There will be time to ask questions after the workout and hear some answers, but the workout itself will answer many questions.  If you have missed a Thursday intro class please come to this class, also if you are signed up for On-Ramp you may still attend.

Saturday's 9 am class will be a longer workout and some cool skill work.  Sara always has fun group warm-ups for you all plus some good stretching afterwards.  This is a good time to visit us if you do CrossFit elsewhere!

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