Friday, August 17, 2012


Top: the front squat and clean rack position
Bottom: the press, push press, and jerk rack position
You:  think about your thruster rack position

Fitness in a glass.

Where is that darn psoas?

Feeling faint?  An overview of vasovagal syncope with a CrossFit gym study.

A personal story about low blood pressure and fainting.  Not someone who needs to avoid salt.

Join us for a weekend fun.  We will have a longer WOD, maybe a team WOD, depending on which athletes are there!  A fun time to visit from other CrossFit gyms.

Try out CrossFit this Saturday at 10 am!  Even if you have previously signed-up for an Intro class you may still attend this beginner's class.  (Schedule online or by email.) We want to give everyone a free taste of the magic of CrossFit in a safe, supportive environment.

Evening and morning On-Ramps are available in September. 

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