Thursday, August 30, 2012


Coach D has a new class opening up for Tuesdays and Thursdays - Sports Prep.  This is a beginner's class geared towards teens getting ready for football or other sports.  There is no On-Ramp required, just be ready to work hard and get strong.

The new fall schedule is starting up next Tuesday.  (Monday Labor Day we will have one class, probably at 9 am - talk to James.)  There will be a new CrossFit WOD class at 4:30 pm on Tuesday and Thursday, the middday class will be at noon.  This will be an express class - it starts promptly at 12:10 pm with the doors open at 11:50 for warm-up and drill.

Plus, I'm going to be adding in a Recovery/Mobility/Yoga class once a week.   Please for vote for your preferred time in comments and on the board:  Wednesday at 10:30, Thursday evening at 5:30 pm (maybe Wednesday sometime?) or Sunday afternoon at 3:30?

Did you see Audrey's squat at the NASA meet yet?  Audrey totaled 540.13 pounds at an official bodyweight of 120 pounds.  This other video is blurry but shows her 185 pound squat.

Audrey has been teaching the morning On-Ramp and will soon be teaching Tuesday evening classes.

Floor Press 3 rm

5 Push Presses 115/75
10 Standing Lunges 115/75
20 Double Unders


Angela said...

One vote for Sunday 3:30

Anaya Stout said...

i vote for sunday or a weekday evening (5:30pm)

Angie Sebok said...

Hey! I vote for Sunday afternoon.
Thanks for offering!