Sunday, September 30, 2012


 Beam me up.

We build the programming (barbell lifts and met-cons plus strategic warm-ups) to fix movement issues and build athleticism.  You'll want to get at least one upper-body lift and one lower body lift in every week - e.g. bench and deadlift.  Better still to get all the lifts in every week, consistently.  That's why we squat EVERY SINGLE WEEK, sometimes twice a week.    If high-volume workouts work for you (instead of crushing you) come on Saturday for the Hero WOD/Team Challenge/Icing on the Cake Day.  But don't try to make-up for missing classes by going harder and doing more when you finally show up!

The new beginners class starts this Monday.  Sign up now!

Practice your kip and your kipping pull-up.

Press 4-6rm, 1set of max reps at 90%

21-15-9 push press (115/75 pounds)
21-15-9 kettlebell swings
42-30-18 double-unders

Saturday, September 29, 2012


"You've heard about this great thing called the paleo diet and you decide to try it. Lean meat, salads, fruit, some mixed nuts, some hard can it be? Unfortunately, a few days later you are sick with hunger. You crave some delicious potato chips and give in. You end up back where you started. You decide the paleo diet is bunk.
Unfortunately, you never were on the paleo diet. You were on the faileo diet. It's unfortunate because certain people have been plugging this diet as THE paleo diet, when really, it's not. " more at HuntGatherLove.

Don't eat like prey - the basics.

On-Ramp Beginner's Class will start on Monday.  Classes at 6:30 am or 7:30 pm.  There is still time to sign-up for this class - a  month of How To CrossFit Lessons!  We don't just dump you in a busy class to see if you sink or swim, we drill the barbell lifts and the kettlebell techniques and let you gradually increase the volume and intensity of your training.

There really is a Sports Performance class at 4:30 am, as well as one in the after school time-slot.  This class is great for the athlete who wants to dig into basic heavy lifting and sprinting right away.  No On-Ramp required.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Why we recommend butter, eggs, and bacon as part of a healthy diet.  (Just skip the groats, toast, bagel, muffin, donuts, etc.)

Why we don't recommend soy despite it's health halo.

2 FS on the minute for 10 minutes (use 90% of Tuesday's front squat)

100 wall balls
(*advanced athletes: every time you put the ball down 5 burpees)

RDL 3 sets of 15 (quickly, light)
1x max pull ups

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Bench Press 4-6rm

Complete 5 rounds NOT for time, but for quality:
3 Snatch Pulls
3 Power Snatches
3 Snatch Push Press

*Perform at  70-80% of 2 RM Power Snatch
Rest in between sets, score is weight not time.

I [JD] have renewed my interest in celestial bodies.  The CrossFit bodies are pretty good too.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wednesday - Hero WOD "The Seven"

You can come in the morning and enjoy Audrey's muscle up instruction, or if you're not into being awesome, you can simply like her on facebook.

Burgener warm-up
2 power cleans every :30 for 10 minutes (use 75-85%)

“The Seven”
7 Rounds (25 minute cut off)

7 Thrusters (135/ 95)
7 Deadlifts (245/ 155)
7 Burpees
7 Pull Ups

Use a light enough weight so that you will have a chance of finishing - you will need to move fast.  Powerlifters should cut the rounds way down to 2 or 3.

Mikko Salo 19:19. Chris Spealler 20:56. Graham Holmberg 24:37.  Demo here.
Enlarge image
A suicide bomber killed seven CIA officers and one Jordanian officer at a remote base in southeastern Afghanistan on December 30, 2009 after posing as a potential informant reporting on Al Qaeda. Seven new stars will be etched onto the memorial wall at the CIA where every star represents grieving friends, family and colleagues dedicated to fight against the enemy, forever in their name.
Killed in the attack were CIA officers Jennifer Lynne Matthews, 45; Scott Michael Roberson, 39; Harold E. Brown Jr., 37; Darren LaBonte, 35; Elizabeth Hanson, 30; and security contractors Jeremy Jason Wise, 35, and Dane Clark Paresi, 46., May 2010

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tuesday - now with evil wheel demo


Front Squat 4-6rm

We do the evil wheel because it works the core stabilizers as well as the shoulders.  We are resisting a force, maintaining our midline, just as we do during an overhead squat.  More reading here.

For time:
500m row
25 evil wheels (AKA bar roll outs)
10 strict pull ups
   500m row
   50 sit ups
   10 strict pull ups
500m row
25 evil wheels
10 strict pull ups

The sound is loud, but the movement is good.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Let's talk about carbs.

The Paleo way of eating is naturally a fairly low-carb diet - after all, we are eating a basic whole food meats and vegetables diet.   We are no longer eating the refined and densely packed carb sources like cereal, oatmeal, crackers, breads, and muffins.  As long as we are not stuffing ourselves with bananas and papayas and sweet potatoes all day long like Durian Rider, we are not likely to approach the standard American carb load of over 300 grams a day.  This is one reason people can get the "Low Carb Flu" while adapting to an ancestral way of eating - you can feel foggy or lethargic as your body learns to live without a constant drip of glucose.  (It's temporary! Hang in there!) Your carb intake may be quite low if you are only eating vegies like lettuce, cabbage, green beans, onion, and asparagus; they contain very little carbohydrate or calories and are quite filling.  If you eat at least a fist-sized hunk of meat every meal with some green vegies, a bit of starchy tubers, and good fat, you will end up with a nicely balanced meal.  It's usually not necessary for hard-charging CrossFitters to go too low on carbs, however, how much carbohydrate you need and when to eat it is a puzzle which is unique to you and you will only find the answer by playing with it. 

Mark Sisson's carb curve.

Carb me maybe?

Yummy recipes.

Starchy tubers.  Good for post-workout.

I don't recommend weighing and measuring your food unless you are really serious about performance and want that last 1%.  However, the block charts in this Zone Diet summary from the CrossFit Journal (free article) will give you a good idea of the relative carb density of various foods.  For instance, a quarter bagel has the same number of carbs as a third of a cup of squash or a cup and a third of cooked cabbage.  More reading about the Zone from Mark's Daily Apple and Robb Wolf.

Press 5 rm
1 set at 90% amap

 Complete 5 rounds of the following:

3 Clean Pulls
3 Power Cleans
3 Push Press
3 Push Jerks
3 Good Mornings

*Perform at 80-85% of 3 RM Power Clean
*We will drill these movements, this WOD is NOT for time but for quality.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Denver Indoor Rowing Championship

As usual the 9:00 am WOD class is open to all members and visiting CrossFitters.  It is still a free class for now - we just like getting a big group of CrossFitters together for a big party/killer workout.  Usually this is a longer, tougher workout with a serious warm-up - maybe a partner WOD or a Hero WOD.

Class will be only one hour, so get there on time!

At 10:00 am there will be a free intro to CrossFit class.  We let you try out an abbreviated class, with a group warm-up, some skill work, and a short but intense metabolic training session (AKA WOD.)  If you come a little early you can watch the 9 am class and see how strong and tough people get when they put themselves through this training.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Chuck Vogelpohl
Tough place, WODs are sled pulls and prowler pushes

“Strength is the most general adaptation. It is acquired most effectively through exercises that produce the most force against external resistance, and as such is always best trained with five or six basic exercises. The same exercises that are correct for weak football players and lifters are correct for weak volleyball and baseball players, because the best way to get strong will always be the same. Strength is NOT specific, and cannot effectively be acquired through exercises that mimic sports-specific movements, because these movements lack the potential to produce as much force as general barbell exercises, and therefore lack the capacity to make weak athletes as strong as barbell training. There are tens of thousands of Physical Therapists that do not understand this simple fact, and many of them have written books. Thus, your confusion.” – Mark Rippetoe

Lift: Sumo DeadLift 3rm

7 rounds
5 HPC (135, 95)
7 Box Jumps

(extra credit 50 bar roll-outs) 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thursday, Take 2 - No push-ups!

My email works. 

Last week's Wednesday 9:30 am tough gals and guy.  They did all 30 rounds of that fun WOD with the power clean and they did it fast.

Bench Press 4-6 rm, 2x max @ 90%

12 min. AMRAP
5 Push Press (115, 75)
20 Russian Twists
20 Double Unders


My e-mail is not working which means two things:

1) I'm not entirely sure what was programmed for tomorrow, so we'll do some horribly stressful lift followed by a brutally short and heavy work out, and

2) Forget e-mailing me.  The answer to almost anything anytime is a conditional yes anyway, and if you need clarification just come in at 5:30 am.

We cool?

If not you can go your own way.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Exquisite moon tonight

Partner Chelsea
5 Pull Ups
10 Pull Ups
15 Squats
One partner completes one round while the other partner rests.

Human chess.  There are some nice flying armbars in here, but I really like the americana starting at about 1:53 and the epic inverted triangle at about 2:03.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Box of Steaks at Your Door

Sun Prairie Beef is offering a special - FREE SHIPPING right to your house - on 100% grass fed beef.  They ship in 10 lb and 25 lb boxes.  They welcome calls to talk cattle, land, beef, water... etc.   The place sounds legit - try them out and tell me what you think.

Two Methods of Toes to Bar
Modify by doing it on the floor

Or use the shoulders and hips to kip.

Notice this position is indistinguishable from the bottom of the kipping pull-up.

 Any blood yet?

Press 5 rm then
2x max effort Push Press @5rm Press weight

12 minutes
5 deadlifts (275, 155)
10 push-ups on the bar
20 double-unders

If you did this a few weeks ago, beat your time. Compare to 7/31.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Squat 5rm

Wall Ball Shots
Toes to Bar
Push Ups

I left Audrey - now fully certified! - in charge of the board Friday, and I noticed she wrote the women's weight first.  No discrimination in CrossFit.

Sunday evening is always good for the Jayhawks.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sat - WODs from the Colorado Open

The next free intro class is NEXT Saturday at 10 am.  This is a fun little class - and it's all CrossFit beginners.  You must register.  If you would like a taste of CrossFit right away, we can make an appointment for an individual free trial workout and then we can answer all of your questions after you try it.

You can drop in for a free trial of the Sports Performance Class at any time, email or go to Free Class! tab.  Please note the 4:30 class is AM.  As in, before dawn.

The 9 am Saturday class is suitable only for trained CrossFitters.  Come and visit us (free for now) if you do CrossFit in your garage or at another gym.  This weekend in particular should kick your ass.

Colorado Open WODs from Front Range CrossFit
 or coach's choice

Sunday Workout #1
As many rounds and reps in 5 minutes of:
5 deadlifts
10 overhead lunges, 24 kg (16 kg)

Open Division weights: 225 lbs (155 lbs)
Pro Division weights:  275 lbs (185 lbs)

Looks like a good warm-up, eh?  Scale as needed.

Sunday Workout #2
Open Division
For time:
50 front squats, 135 lbs (95 lbs)
50 stick jumps, 12" stick
50 pullups, chin over

Pro Division
50 overhead squats, 135 lbs (95 lbs)
50 stick jumps, 20" stick
15 muscle ups (10 muscle-ups for the women)

Again, scale this as needed.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friday - The Turkey Challenge!

The Turkey Challenge at MBS CrossFit in Broomfield will soon open.  Registration is sure to sell out fast so haunt your computers on 9:00 am September 17th.

We have new classes on Tuesday and Thursday - WOD classes at 4:30 pm, and Sports Performance classes at 4:30 am (no kidding) and 3:30 pm.  There is no On-Ramp required for the SP class, just a desire to tear it up. 

What do you think about this CrossFit Journal video? What is beauty? (No subscription needed.)

Front Squat 2-4 rm, 1xmax @90%

Pull ups

"Forty-five reps of two exercises, how hard could it be?"

Watch elite CrossFit women do Fran

Watch the best of the men left at the end of the 2012 Games do Fran      

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Lift: Press 5rm
then AMAP x 90%

20 True Push Ups
20 Double Unders

There is a barista at one of the local Starbucks who just calls me "doppio."

I'm not happy about it, but erg season is approaching again.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


At the CrossFit Level 1 Certification, they don't tell you that you don't ask stupid questions about what's paleo after completing the Level 1 certification.

My certification was a long time ago.  My love for saag paneer is forever.

Belle getting big air.
30 RfT
5 Wall Ball Shots 20/14
3 Handstand Push Ups
1 Power Clean 225/165

WOD Demo with Shaun Eagen - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

I'm mostly acquainted with Johnny Thunders from the Heartbreakers, but lately I like his solo stuff too.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Interested in women's hormonal issues?

Watch Summer squat 110 kilos.

We have a nice long Hero workout coming up Wednesday, and we will be doing Fran soon...

Back Squat 4-6 reps, 1 x max reps @90%

AMRAP 15 minutes
5 dips (rings, bar, or parelletes, strict)
10 pull-ups (kipping or ring rows)
15 kettlebell swings

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Monday plus Weekend link love and video fun

The toes forward squat is a good idea, but don't get overly ambitious about it.  If you don't think you have the mobility for it you probably don't.  Here are a couple of long videos from Justin of 70's Big all about the related anatomy with some MobilityWOD or MOB to fix knee pain.  He sure likes his short shorts and here is his manifesto.  (Related - Barbell Mile post with photos - NWFS.)

Speaking of joint pain, all about the voodoo band and how it can help your Tennis Elbow Golf Elbow CrossFit Elbow.  Apparently, a bike inner tube works pretty well too.

Leg drive, we don't need no stinkin' leg drive.  At 57 min 30 secs watch a 180 kg bench press (new world record) at a bodyweight of 48 kgs!

More athletic endeavors - here at 2 min 40 sec watch another record get broken.

Sick or Preggers?
The Paleo Physicians Network and the List of Low Carb Doctors
(I won't recommend Dr. Shan the Pettibon chiro, but don't have experience with the other doctors.  Comments, anyone?)

How to bench press the Diesel Way.  7 minutes.  This is very good. 

Bench Press 4-6rm, 2 x max reps @90%

Alternate on the minute for 12 minutes
minute 1: 7 ball slams, 5 strict chins
minute 2: max ab mat sit ups
minute 3: 7 ball slams, 5 strict chins
minute 2: max ab mat sit ups...

Friday, September 7, 2012


Everybody good now?

coach's choice 
A few things from from the Colorado Open.  Rest a few minutes in between.  You will have to hustle if you want to get all of this in, but there is no class at 10 am.

Next Saturday will probably be Day 2 of the Colorado Open.  Browse scores here.

Saturday Workout #1
2 rounds for time of:
60 double-unders
40 wall ball shots, 20 lbs (14 lbs)
20 burpee box jumps, 12" box
15 minute time cap

2 minutes of:
row for meters

10 minutes to find a max ground to overhead.  Snatch, clean, continental, whatever you want.

Thursday, September 6, 2012



Front Squat 3rm

3 rounds
21 Thrusters (95/65)
15 KBS
12 Pull Ups
9 Burpees

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I don't know about you guys.  I just do this stuff for my hands.

Press 5rm then
.9(5rm) x amap

5 rounds
500 meter row

rest as needed between rounds.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


September is Rope Climb month.  Bring your pants and long socks or neoprene sleeves and practice.  Get good at sliding down the rope as well as climbing up.

There is a new Mobility Class!  Wednesday at 10:30 am.  I'll do an evening class if y'all would like one.  This class is designed to get in all the mobility and recovery work we should be doing before and after every class.

New 4:30 pm WOD class!

Mobile phones - Unfortunately, you cannot reserve class through the usual ZenPlanner page with your mobile phone.  Try this link .

New Sport Performance Class on Tuesday and Thursdays at 3:30 pm. (Also, really, at 4:30 am.)  This class will involve heavy lifting, sprinting, and basic strength and conditioning work.  It is perfect for teens getting fit for football, wrestling, or soccer or people getting ready for the military.  There is no On-Ramp required as the movements are basic but the work is hard.

Power Clean 1RM
You may do real cleans.

10 rounds (use 80% of 1 RM power clean)
5 Dead Lifts
3 Hang Power Cleans
1 Shoulder to Overhead

Monday, September 3, 2012


Pull, Simi, Pull
Check the schedule - now fixed - for the Fall times.  There are some changes.

Squat 5rm
3 x 5 @ 90% of 5 rm

3 minutes at each station, 1 minute of rest between
Max Calorie Row
OHS 95/65
Ball Slams

Sunday, September 2, 2012


9 am class only.

Sometimes it's always Monday.  Enjoy it!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekend I

I'd like to express my profound gratitude to Heidi for pointing out that this is also not the windmill we're doing:

I'm doing a 9 am class Monday.  Pleasant dreams until then.

On-Ramp Beginner's Class will start after Monday.  There is still time to sign-up for this class - a  month of How To CrossFit Lessons!

Check out the new Fall schedule - yes there really is a Sports Performance class at 4:30 am.  There is also a new WOD class at 4:30 pm a few days a week.