Thursday, September 20, 2012


Chuck Vogelpohl
Tough place, WODs are sled pulls and prowler pushes

“Strength is the most general adaptation. It is acquired most effectively through exercises that produce the most force against external resistance, and as such is always best trained with five or six basic exercises. The same exercises that are correct for weak football players and lifters are correct for weak volleyball and baseball players, because the best way to get strong will always be the same. Strength is NOT specific, and cannot effectively be acquired through exercises that mimic sports-specific movements, because these movements lack the potential to produce as much force as general barbell exercises, and therefore lack the capacity to make weak athletes as strong as barbell training. There are tens of thousands of Physical Therapists that do not understand this simple fact, and many of them have written books. Thus, your confusion.” – Mark Rippetoe

Lift: Sumo DeadLift 3rm

7 rounds
5 HPC (135, 95)
7 Box Jumps

(extra credit 50 bar roll-outs) 

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