Saturday, September 8, 2012

Monday plus Weekend link love and video fun

The toes forward squat is a good idea, but don't get overly ambitious about it.  If you don't think you have the mobility for it you probably don't.  Here are a couple of long videos from Justin of 70's Big all about the related anatomy with some MobilityWOD or MOB to fix knee pain.  He sure likes his short shorts and here is his manifesto.  (Related - Barbell Mile post with photos - NWFS.)

Speaking of joint pain, all about the voodoo band and how it can help your Tennis Elbow Golf Elbow CrossFit Elbow.  Apparently, a bike inner tube works pretty well too.

Leg drive, we don't need no stinkin' leg drive.  At 57 min 30 secs watch a 180 kg bench press (new world record) at a bodyweight of 48 kgs!

More athletic endeavors - here at 2 min 40 sec watch another record get broken.

Sick or Preggers?
The Paleo Physicians Network and the List of Low Carb Doctors
(I won't recommend Dr. Shan the Pettibon chiro, but don't have experience with the other doctors.  Comments, anyone?)

How to bench press the Diesel Way.  7 minutes.  This is very good. 

Bench Press 4-6rm, 2 x max reps @90%

Alternate on the minute for 12 minutes
minute 1: 7 ball slams, 5 strict chins
minute 2: max ab mat sit ups
minute 3: 7 ball slams, 5 strict chins
minute 2: max ab mat sit ups...

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