Sunday, September 30, 2012


 Beam me up.

We build the programming (barbell lifts and met-cons plus strategic warm-ups) to fix movement issues and build athleticism.  You'll want to get at least one upper-body lift and one lower body lift in every week - e.g. bench and deadlift.  Better still to get all the lifts in every week, consistently.  That's why we squat EVERY SINGLE WEEK, sometimes twice a week.    If high-volume workouts work for you (instead of crushing you) come on Saturday for the Hero WOD/Team Challenge/Icing on the Cake Day.  But don't try to make-up for missing classes by going harder and doing more when you finally show up!

The new beginners class starts this Monday.  Sign up now!

Practice your kip and your kipping pull-up.

Press 4-6rm, 1set of max reps at 90%

21-15-9 push press (115/75 pounds)
21-15-9 kettlebell swings
42-30-18 double-unders

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