Thursday, October 25, 2012

Friday - Bench day

Here is Mark Rippetoe teaching proper bench form to Hall-of-Fame skier Eva Twordokens.  She contracts the scapula and she pulls the shoulders back,  protecting the shoulders and providing a solid platform to push off of.  Check out the side view of the shoulder positioning below and note how it also reduces the range of motion. Bonus! (photo CrossFit)

 (photo Weber Strength) (thank you RockZone CrossFit)

Read more about the Bench Press here.

Bench Press 5 rep max
AMREP at 90%

3 sets of 15 barbell rows, just a bit heavier than last week

AMRAP in 15 minutes
4 deadlifts 275/185 (heavy)
8 chin-ups
12 parallette push-ups
bear crawl alternating with 300 m row each round

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