Sunday, October 14, 2012


Congratulations, Mike and Tut!  Tut got 16th in his age group and Scott 21nd, in some very competitive groups.  A good time was had by all.  Peruse the scores here.   Notice one woman got first, second, and last in her age group.

Power Snatch

Warm-up and play with the new stones.  The 145 pounder will be coming later this week.  Remember, they will bounce so don't lose any teeth.

Back Squat 4-6 rm
RDL 3 sets of 15 (quickly, light - this is an assistance exercise.)

*From the 2012 FRCF Master's Championships - Sunday events, Workout # 4

For time:
15 power snatches
300 meter row
15 power snatches
300 meter row
15 power snatches

*Rx'd by age groups: 95/65 for Men/Women under 50, 75/55 for 50-60, 65/45 for 60+.


Anonymous said...

GOOD JOB GUYS!!! I am so bummed I wasn't there to cheer you on! Darla

Angie S said...

Very well done!! Congrats to both of you.

Scott said...

Nice work this weekend Tut.

Thanks to Vanessa, James, Margaret, Keith and the Tutkowski family for your support this weekend.