Sunday, October 21, 2012


 What is this Paleo stuff anyway?  Snark warning.

The Squat, or How I Learned to Stop Leg-Pressing and Use My Ass Rippetoe
"I noticed the guy doing an exercise I’d never seen anybody else do. He took the bar out of the rack on his back and squatted all the way down and back up with it for several reps. He did this quite a few times, adding plates to the bar between each set. I walked around the room, trying to maintain low profile, curling, doing the occasional leg press when I could get on the machine, and watching from the other room as this older, more experienced guy did what was obviously a more serious version of weight room activity than I was familiar with."

You are going to do WHAT with that bar?

Back Squat 5 rep max
3 sets of 15 light good mornings

Tabata (eight rounds of both)
KB swings alternating with strict pull-ups or ring rows

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