Friday, October 5, 2012



As usual the 9:00 am WOD class is open to all members and visiting CrossFitters.  Usually this is a longer, tougher workout with a serious warm-up - maybe a partner WOD or a Hero WOD.  Not for newbies.  This class may be a little longer than usual since there is no 10 am class.

No intro to CrossFit this this week or next.   Make an appointment to try it out at 10 am on Saturday the 20th or 27th of October.  The free trial class is a regular class, with a group warm-up, some skill work, and a short but intense metabolic training session (AKA WOD.)  Afterwards we can sit and talk and you can ask any questions you have.  Why we do so much heavy lifting, why do you want me to eat like a caveman, what are classes like, what the heck is this On-Boarding thing, etc.  If you come a little early you can watch the 9 am class and see how strong and tough people get when they put themselves through this training every week.


Sun Prairie Beef is offering a special - FREE SHIPPING right to your house - on 100% grass fed beef.  They ship in 10 lb and 25 lb boxes.  They welcome calls to talk cattle, land, beef, water... etc.   The place sounds legit - try them out and tell me what you think.

We like Natural Homestead Beef or Silva's Highlands for beef or pork.  They are local and you have to meet them at the farmer's market or somesuch.  Westword Award 

HoneyAcre's has beef and hothouse tomatoes come summer.  Yum!

Windsor Dairy has raw milk, the preferred kind if you have to have milk, and also organic grass-fed beef.

Post your food contacts to comments, please!

Audrey delivering the goods
Sara and James after Muay Thai boxing

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Keith Parks said...

Beef update: Sun Prairie Beef ( now delivers beef to Longmont FIVE TIMES PER YEAR (Jan, Mar, Jun, Aug, Nov). Thanks for tagging us in your posts!

Keith - SPB owner/operator.