Friday, October 19, 2012


The Real Reason We Do CrossFit and Paleo?

Funny Video. "Did they post the WOD yet?"


As usual the 9:00 am WOD class is open to all members and visiting CrossFitters.  Usually this is a longer, tougher workout with a serious warm-up - maybe a partner WOD or a Hero WOD.  Not for newbies.

At 10:00 am there will be a free intro to CrossFit class.  We let you try out an abbreviated class, with a group warm-up, some skill work, and a short but intense metabolic training session (AKA WOD.)  Afterwards we can sit and talk and you can ask any questions you have.  Why we do so much heavy lifting, why do you want me to eat like a caveman, what are classes like, what the heck is this On-Boarding thing, etc.  If you come a little early you can watch the 9 am class and see how strong and tough people get when they put themselves through this training every week.

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