Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thursday - updated with Heavy Grace videos

the Republic Plaza in Denver
Barring unforeseen circumstances, Jessica, Lonna, and I are doing the 2013 Fight for Air Climb in Denver.  It's fun in largely the same way rowing 2,000 meters is fun.  I'm going to try to trick everyone into doing it, but it's better if you volunteer (JD)

Talk to Me Johnnie  Ask a professional football player turned CrossFit guru.

Rich Froning does heavy Grace

 The Burgeners do Grace.  Love the pile of Olympic lifting shoes.

Rob Orlando does Grace with 275, and again here with 300.

Bench 5 rm
Finish with a 90% set

30 Clean and Jerks  (go heavier - choose a very challenging weight.)

TFCF trivia; Grace has always been and still is by far my favorite girl.  If you're coming to one of my classes, I want you to give her everything you've got and then find a little more. (JD)

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Angie S said...

Count me in. My dad died of lung cancer a few years ago. Glad to help raise money for research.

It does sound as dubiously fun as rowing!

charles said...

I'm in as well.

Angela Buscemi said...

Stair climb looks horrible. I'm in, also.