Wednesday, October 17, 2012


From the Whole Nine's Dallas

Rotator Cuff Solution This little book comes highly recommended.

Work on your pull-up and kip. Video 1 and 2.

Bench Press 5rm, 3×15 barbell bent over row

RDL 3 sets of 15 (quickly, slightly heavier)

Mini-FGB 2 rounds AMRAP
1 min row
1 min hang power clean
1 min wall ball
1 min push press
1 min box jump
1 min rest

Let's sub in hang power clean for sumo deadlift high pull this time.  Why?  I'm not convinced we should never do this movement ever, especially because if you do them right your little T-Rex arms just finish up the movement using the momentum generated by your legs.  However, as Dallas says, "truthfully, 94.72% of  SDHPs that I’ve seen in ... Fight Gone Bad look nothing like core-to-extremity, hip-driven movements.  They look like inconsistent, poorly executed, discoordinated jumping upright rows."   Deadlift tomorrow.

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