Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The legendary Tommy Kono

"If you’re a CrossFitter going five days a week, doing the WODs as RX’d, and finding yourself growing a bit pudgier despite your best efforts, you may need to eat some sweet potatoes. Conversely, if you work a sedentary job and do some gardening and some dog walking for exercise, you probably don’t need to modify your low carb consumption. I see carbs as elective macronutrients, in general. I don’t elect to eat all that many of them, personally, but that’s because I’ve tailored my lifestyle such that this is the healthiest way for me to eat. Eat more if you’re going to be burning glycogen." Read more at Marks' Daily Apple.

WOD hard; eat carbs

Front Squat 3 rep max

thrusters at Fran weight
*every minute on the minute do 2 burpees

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