Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Why do we hammer the "Big 4," squat, bench, dead lift, press?  In short, you can never be too strong.  Perhaps a more satisfying answer is here.  I could quibble with this for a dedicated strength athlete, but I believe it's very accurate for a general population.   As an aside, this link is from our New York friend, Blake Severson.  He'll be visiting in January, and if you don't know what kind of guy I am, or you want to know who Blake is, we'll be doing the "Twinkies Must Die" wod: squat 315 x 20, row 500 meters.  No, there is no scaling on this one.

How does one go about lifting anyway? One of the overlooked greats in strength training is James Steel from the University of Pennsylvania.  His blog is named after his dog, and it's part of my never miss reading.  I relied on this one extensively when I decided it was time to squat over 400 pounds.

Look, I'm a guy so I might have this wrong, but it seems CrossFit causes pregnancy.  I've lost count of how many members are pregnant, but we've brought a staff ob-gyn on board.

Dr. Laura Butler

 Clean 1 rm

7 RfT
5 Power Cleans 155/105
7 Plyo Push Ups


matthew deLaria said...

Of course CrossFit causes pregnancy. When you look good and feel great ... You know what happens next...

matthew deLaria said...
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