Tuesday, October 30, 2012


These people all have very nice technique - notice - "keeping the bar back."
 6 year old snatching
 10 year old snatching

Natalie Burgener snatches  Worth watching again.

Schedule announcements! 

November's On-Ramp will start on Monday and skip Thanksgiving.  December's On-Ramp is a super express session skipping the week of Christmas - it is open only to athletic individuals who can already squat below parallel and are ready to drill, baby, drill!

Remember, if you are available after school or early in the morning (insomnia, anyone?) you may take Coach D's Sports Prep class.  No On-Ramp required, but you must be able to push yourself hard.  If you take this class, you will meet two days a week, do two barbell lifts every class, and squeeze in a short finisher to get sweaty and breathe hard.  This class does not mess around.

Saturday's class

Snatch 2s

WoD: Partner work!
3 RfT
15 Dips
15 m Wheelbarrow Walk
30 Bar Roll-Outs

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