Thursday, November 22, 2012


Please reserve class or it might be cancelled.

Why use the hook grip?  It allows you to have faster turn-over in the clean or snatch.  In other works, you will get the elbows up faster in the clean; you will get the bar onto a secure position on your shoulders or overhead faster.  Read more here at Catalyst and here at IronMind.  I can verify what he says about the hook grip both working great and hurting like hell when used to deadlift.

Bench Press 3RM
2 x max reps at 85% of 3RM

5 rounds for time of
10 ring pushups *
10 hollow rocks
3 wall walkups **

* plyo push-ups if you didn't do them Wednesday
** See demo from Luke

We are not adding a push-up.

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