Saturday, November 3, 2012


New On-Ramp starts Monday!  There is still time to sign up!

Bacon from Homestead Beef

Know thyself
"That delicate, beautiful moment before starting a lift is the ultimate reflection of the soul."

Top 5 reasons bone broth is the bomb.  Budget paleo.

Photos of Meatza!.  They look good, but I can't recommend one over the other.  Post to comments if you find a good one that satisfies a Pizza craving.

The recipe aggregator Chowstalker has a bunch of Meatza recipes, too.  They even have a Whole90 approved section for 100% grain and diary free recipes.

Nomnom Paleo has a bunch of free recipes I've heard are great, plus a Recipe App.

What do chickens eat?  Anything really: bugs, bacon, grains,
 compost, grass, dandelions, Styrofoam, etc.  They aren't very tidy about it though.

Got bacon?


Make up something you missed earlier in the week from 2 - 4 pm or go run a 5k!


Ric Stolz said...

Where do you get the bacon? I always get mine at Whole Foods in Boulder, but I can't always get there before they close....

Coach Vanessa said...

Vitamin Cottage has some good bacon in the freezer section, plus a lot of other really good stuff. This bacon came from the Farmers Market.