Saturday, November 17, 2012

TShirts Now Online and All About Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

We have a few t shirts left - you can check them out here at the member website.  Buy them up, then we will have room for new ones with new designs.   :)  Comment if you have ideas for colors or such.

 Saturday class!

Danielle is competing this weekend at the MBS CrossFit Turkey challenge! 

Why your shoes suck.   Why squatting in running shoes is like squatting on a mattress.

Weightlifting shoes and why you need them.

You need Olympic weightlifting shoes.

Where to buy weightlifting shoes:  Rogue Fitness (watch out for the hybrid shoes like Reebok's Oly CrossFit and the Adiadas Powerlift);  PendlayIronEve has women's shoes in women's sizes.

How to size them?  Go to the store and try on men's dress shoes to find your size.

Shoe reviews here


Open Gym from 2:00 to 4:00
Pick a barbell lift and a WOD from the previous week to make-up. Please keep in mind that we will be squatting on Monday.


Go run a 5K!

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