Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wednesday & the Virtuous Circle

First let's finally and conclusively agree that maximal strength is a good thing.  I can, should, and someday will provide generally accepted strength standards, but we're looking for bodyweight presses, 1.5 x body weight benches, 2 x body weight squats, and 2+ x body weight deads.

After performing tens of thousands of reps and watching hundreds of thousands of reps, I finally hit a longstanding goal of a 200 kilogram squat.

While this was huge for me, I got almost as much enjoyment from a Freak who e-mailed me Friday with instructions to, "push myself like you push us," and from the Freak who messaged me Saturday to report her new and bigger squat 5rm.  When I came in  Monday, I was still fired up, and I was elated to find morning people smashing squat PR's like plastic cups at a fraternity party and then crushing the WoD.  That in turn will make me hit it harder when I start over next week.

To be sure I neither can nor do go 100% all the time, and I doubt if doing so is smart for most of us.  All the same remember that when you bring your best effort of the day, you're not only helping yourself, you're helping those around you whether or not you ever hear about it.

Thanks, team.

If you can't make it in for some morning lifting with me, here is the absolutely best squat tutorial I have ever found.  In the end it's about effort, not shoes and supplements.

No joke, that's a quick run through on the squat.

Clean Pulls

5 dumbbell push press (50,30)
20 burpees
10 dumbbell push press
15 burpees
15 dumbbell pp
10 burpess
20 pp
5 burpees


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Ric Stolz said...
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