Friday, November 23, 2012


This would be sooooo cool.

How to get big and strong like a superhero. Shorter met-cons for you if that is your main goal!

How to look like Black Widow. 

The problem with refined carbs.  A thousand or so pages of truth bombs.  Also makes good bedtime reading.

Saturday's class at 9 am is coaches choice.  Expect a sweaty warm-up and a longer WOD, possibly a partner or team WOD.  Last week they played CrossFit Baseball.  

We are also offering a free intro to CrossFit class this Saturday at 10:00 am.  You may sign up online or just email me at .  If you come a little early you may watch the 9:30 am class of hardened CrossFitters go at it; don't be scared, they started as beginners just like you. We will probably start a bit after 10, as the first class finishes up, then start with a group warm-up.  Please bring water and layers of clothing to wear.

On Sunday join us for Open Gym 2-4 pm.  Do a lift or two and a WOD from the previous week at your own pace.

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