Sunday, December 2, 2012


Is anyone planning to train on Christmas Eve day?  We are going to have a reduced schedule around that time and also around New Year's Day -- make sure to check the calendar and sign up for classes.

I love turkey.

There is no excuse to eat junk food this DecemberThere is a lot of lovely food out thereFill up on meat and vegies, eat mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and squash if you need some carbs, and drink lots of water.  Don't be afraid of fat - it fills you up and keeps you from vacuuming the candy dish into your mouth.  Remember, the Paleo diet doesn't have to be the Faileo diet.  You shouldn't feel hungry in the afternoon after your big Paleo lunch - if you are then you need to eat more eggs, more bacon, more yummy fatty meat.  A big salad of greens and crunchy vegetables is great, but it is not going to fill you up for long and it will not fuel your fabulous workouts!  

rope climb - wear socks and long pants!

Back squat 5 rm, max reps at 90%


10 one leg burpees total
20 ball slams or tire swings
30 kipping pull-ups
40 double unders
50 wall balls
60 evil wheels

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Angie S said...

Love the picture! Those dogs have a very careful eye on that turkey. Did they get any?