Sunday, December 23, 2012


Shankle Complex
Watch Shankle squat 280kg/618 pounds
Check out the podcast - National Champions & USA team members
Jon North, Donny Shankle, and/or Glenn Pendlay talk Weightliftin

Something a little different to get us primed for the CrossFit Total on Wednesday.

Work up to 1RM Shankle Complex

3 hang clean shrugs
1 hang clean (squat if you can, of course)
2 jerks either push or split

This is to be done the same way that the bear complex is. Rest as needed between sets and plan to take roughly 7-10 sets, total, when all is said and done.
7 rounds for time
7 db/kb snatch R (55# db, 35#db)
7 db/kb snatch L
7 chest to bar pull-ups
7 box jumps (step down)

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