Tuesday, December 4, 2012


No 9:30 am class today only - WOD class at noon instead.


Freddy C says, "You may be suffering from a SLAP tear (Superior Labrum Anterior to Posterior) and not even know it. The labrum is a ring of firm tissue around the shoulder socket that helps keep the arm bone within the shoulder socket. Tears of the labrum can occur from falling onto outstretched arms or falling on your shoulder. In sports, they often occur from repeated overhead arm movement such as throwing a baseball. SLAP tears can occur from lifting heavy objects repeatedly or too suddenly. It sounds to me like a lot of things we do in a CrossFit workout have the potential to cause SLAP tears. Many people are claiming that kipping pull-ups and muscle-ups (as done in CrossFit) are also the cause of SLAP tears, though I didn't find that direct diagnosis anywhere in a Google search. It would make sense to me. People not strong enough to do a strict pull-up are swinging viloently under a bar and doing hard pulls on a weak joint."   Read more: SLAP tear 

OK, so there is a 25 burpee penalty for breaking a kettlebell or dumbbell.  How many burpees should you have to do if you break your shoulder getting all crazy with your muscle up?  Be careful with those rings, please.  The best thing you can do for your muscle up is work on your chest-to-rings pull-up and your super-deep dip, then get a strict muscle up.  Then you can work on kipping.

BeastSkills on the muscle up

rope climb

clean (or power clean) 3 rm

5 rounds for time
10 weighted step ups
10 hand release pushups
10 knees to elbows
bear crawl wall to wall and back


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