Thursday, February 28, 2013


*Schedule change for Late Start Day! Next Wednesday's 9:30 class will be at 12 noon!

**If you have bought the Living Social deal, please sign-up for On-Ramp on the sign-up page! You must pre-register for class to insure a small class size and quality coaching for everyone.

Bench press 8 sets of 2 at 90% of 1rm.
Rest 60 seconds between each set. In other words OTM 8 min.

Dumbbell thruster (50/30) - two dumbbells
Handstand push up
Box jumps with step down (30,24)
Bear crawl there and back

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Remember last year's CrossFit Open?  Remember all those wallballs, just so you could get to the double unders?  And those heavy shoulder to overheads!  Next week, y'all.  We'll get some skill work in and some harder longer WODs done this week to prepare.  Bench on Friday.

Skill- work on some version of the kip (T2B, KTE, Butterfly, Muscle Up, etc)
and/or handstand

Skill- dumbbell snatch, power and squat

This means practice these things and get good at them -- they may come up in a CrossFit Open WOD!

AMRAP 15 minutes
6 DB Power Snatch (3 each side) 50,30
9 T-2-B
12 Weighted Lunges (50/30)
18 Tire Strikes (9 ea side)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Ah, remember this fun WOD?

Skill - Turkish Get Up and then Turkish SIT up.

Work on stabilizing an object. You must use bumpers on a bar if you want to drop your object -- highly recommended. Don't be that guy that breaks the next bar or kettlebell or dumbbell. (Or your head!)

Try going heavy!

Let this be a longer and more challenging WOD - we are getting ready for the Open.

5 rounds
5 Hang Power cleans (155, 105)
10 2 handed Turkish Sit Ups (45/25 plate)
30 Double unders
10 2 handed Turkish Sit Ups
5 Hang Power Cleans
250m row

Monday, February 25, 2013


So here is some of the strength maintanence part of our current cycle.  We will be getting in more metabolic conditioning that usual for a little while.   But we still want to stay strong with some barbell lifts.  Get in here and hit this if that is important to you.

TwinFreaks is doing a Deal on Sport Performance (no On Ramp required) And on On Ramp! We only do this once a year -- and it's a steal. Tell friends and family! Link here.

Back Squat 5×5@85% of last 5rm
Press 3×3@90% of last 5rm

Amrap 12 minutes
7 Pull ups
14 air squats
7 push ups

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Happy Monday - here are some cute kitties to cheer you up!

Optional 100 meter row x 2.  Get in two 100m rows or this week, make a note of your pace.  Start with one or two easy 250 meters pieces and try to leave some energy to sprint the last 25 meters. Make up the row on Saturday or Sunday if you miss it. 

Hit that mobility this week!

erg technique -- pick drill, reverse pick, power start


With a partner alternate for 10 minutes

1 min on 1 min off max effort Row

*Total Distance

Death By Burpee and kettlebell!

Odd minutes:Burpees

Even: kettlebell swing

Complete 1 rep minute 1, 2 on minute 2..10 on minute 10..etc

*Loading Rx'd Men 24+ kg/Women 20-16 kg.
**Advanced athletes - for every round under 18 complete 20 evil wheels.

Friday, February 22, 2013


The correct way to set up the bench press.

Some bad news.  Read it all...  it's all bad.  Sniff, it's like loosing a dependable friend.  (I hope you are not that addicted!)

"First, a recent study of trained athletes tested what would happen during an exhaustive exercise trial if the athletes took 400 mg of ibuprofen—that’s two capsules of the standard 200 mg ibuprofen dose, so it’s not that much. Results showed there was significant evidence of intestinal injury after the exercise trial on ibuprofen. There was also loss of gut barrier integrity [LEAKY GUT], which increases risk of infection." Charles Poliquin

Come on in for a fun longer WOD and some skill work Saturday at 9 am.  Hint -- bench mark WOD.

At 10:15, it will be time for a free introduction class.  Curious about this CrossFit thing?  Come in and try it out.  Suitable for total beginners or people with some experience.

Open gym Sunday, 2-4 pm.

Thursday, February 21, 2013



Bench 5rm + 1 set of max reps at 80%

Bent row 2-3x15 +
Banded pull-aparts 3x15 (3 sets 15)


4 Rounds

10 toes to bar

10 front squats (135-155, 85-105)

10 box jumps

10 handstand push-ups

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It's Thursday, it must be time to... clean and jerk!  We are shaking up the schedule a bit.  It will be changing even more when the CrossFit Open starts in March.  It will be exciting!  If you like to compete - sign up, if you like to play with metrics and see how you compare to others worldwide - sign up.  Last year more than 20,000 people signed up.  We will do the WODs in the gym together during class time on Thursday and Sunday.  Of course, we will allow scaling when needed.  Here

clean and jerk 3 rm

EMOTM 13 minutes

1 power clean

1 hang clean

1 shoulder to overhead - press, push press, jerk, or split jerk

15 Sit ups

Dogs and cats sleeping together!  What is this world coming to.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Artem Udachyn gets a 198kg Snatch.  Nice video.

What to do if you miss out front


snatch 3 rm and/or overhead squat 3 rm

+RDL or stiff-legged deadlift 2x15

the clean and jerk -- Thursday


5 rounds:

10 pull-ups

5  dead lifts (235/155lb)

10 lateral bar jump burpees

Warning - kind of scary... this is why we practice dumping the snatch...

Monday, February 18, 2013


Press 5rm +

RDL or stiff-legged deadlift 2x15

Dips 2x10 (Do these once this week.)



Plyo push-ups

banded good morning

tire strikes (strikes w/L&R side= 1rep)

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Lu Xiaojun 175kg Snatch World Record Video

Optional 250 meter row.  Get in a 250m row this week.  Start with an easy 250 meters row to warm up.  Try to leave some energy to sprint the last 25 meters.  Make a note of your pace.  Make up the row on Saturday or Sunday if you miss it. 

End of 20's!

Squat 5rm + 1max rep @90%

Bent row: 2-3x15 +
RDL or stiff-legged deadlift 2x15 (Do these once this week.)

12min AMRAP
8 goblet squats with kettlebell
250m row
8 evil wheels AKA bar roll outs

*As heavy as possible

Friday, February 15, 2013


Ergs going to the crusher!  Read more here!

Coaches choice at 9 am as usual.  Be prepared to be challenged.  Veteran CrossFitters ready for a long WOD are welcome to visit.

No Free Intro Class this weekendSign up for next week.  We will do some warmups, some skill work, and a short WOD.  We will scale weight and reps, don't be afraid of it being too hard or too easy either.  There will be time afterwards to talk about CrossFit's methodology and our On-Ramp beginners' class.  If you are interested in taking one of our On-Ramps or have already signed up - take this class!

Sunday - Open Class  2-4 pm.  Two hours to work on anything you missed this week.  Ask the coach if you need advice or help deciding what to do.

Oh, and by the way...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Friday - Amazon-makers


Warm up the bench then
Bent row with dumbbells
*BW for guys, 75% BW for gals or use your experience with 20's to pick a challenging weight.

+Band pull-aparts x15

30 dumbbell man-makers

Basically a renegade row with a thruster, see video.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Carly S's adorable dog and cat


Deadlift 5rm or Front squat 3 rm


Complete 10 rounds with a partner - one works while the other rests

Farmer's carry (there and back)

7 chest to bar or 1 rope climb (no legs!)

10 Box jumps

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 A brief video from KStar about externally rotating the legs during the clean and deadlift.
Feet hip width and parallel, push the knees out.

Optional 1000 meter row.  Try to get in a 1000m row this week, make a note of your pace per 500m averaged over the whole piece. See if you can sprint the last 150 meters.  Make up the 1000 m row on Saturday or Sunday if you miss it. 

Clean 1 rm

RDL or stiff-legged deadlift 2x15
Dips 2x10 (Do these once this week.)

Front squat (185/115)
Hand stand push-ups

 Caption this photo!

Monday, February 11, 2013



Kettlebell work


Press 5's + 20 reps


4 rounds for time

7 push press

14 overhead walking lunges

21 floor wipers

Use the same weight (135/95) for all three.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


From - Love this image!


Squat 20 reps 

Warm up with 3-4 sets of 5. Heavy, should be very challenging.

You should have a very good idea what these 20's are going to feel like.  Tell yourself you are not going to quit no matter what!  You are a beast.

Leave a little time to recover before the WOD.  (Mwah-ha-haaah!)  Be happy we will be doing 5's starting next week!

Just for a little motivation, watch this guy bang out 462 pounds for 20 ... as a warm-up.
Accessory work

RDL or stiff-legged deadlift 2x15

Dips 2x10 (Do these once this week.)


250 m row on odd minutes
5 chin-ups and 7 kettlebell swings on even minutes

 As heavy as possible.

And push your knees out.