Sunday, February 3, 2013


Got Bacon?

"The RDL is often butchered by many lifters and trainees. The point of this exercise is to stretch the hamstrings, incorporate a slight stretch reflex out of the bottom, and extend the hips primarily with the hamstrings. The most often error is flexing (bending) the knees too much. Flexing the knees closes the knee angle and contracts the hamstrings a little bit. If the hamstrings are contracted slightly, then they can’t be stretched out appropriately for the efficacy of the lift. In movements like the RDL and Good Morning, the purpose isn’t to load weight on the bar and measure your dick. Instead, they should be done correctly as to work the muscle."  Read more at 70's Big

Optional 2000 meter row.  Get in a 2000m row sometime this week; make a note of your pace per 500m averaged over the whole piece as well as your total time. Make up the 2000 m row on Saturday or Sunday if you miss it. See if you've improved since last time!

Squat 20 reps 
Warm up with sets of 5. Heavy, should be very challenging.  You should have a very good idea of where to go with this after hitting the 20s for the past several weeks.

RDL or stiff-legged deadlift 2x15, Reverse hypers 2x15.  Do these twice this week.

10 Rounds for Time (ten!)
bear crawl there and back
10 overhead plate-hold step up
10 Russian twists

*Use a shorter box, and aspire to 45 or 25 pounds.  Use the same plate for the twists.

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